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Jalynn Bosley

Executive Director, ALIVE Outdoors

Over the last few decades, as the owner of ALIVE Outdoors, Jalynn has had the privilege of nurturing strong relationships with many students, educators, administrators, parents and ALIVE instructors. She believes that your life is the result of your level of self-awareness, and if you are conscious enough you can feel when you are, or are not on a path that is right for you. She does not believe that there is only one path for each of us to follow. No doubt, we all have a series of possibilities, yet some are more authentic than others. One of the goals of ALIVE is to help people develop the confidence to truly be themselves and a sense of awareness to know when they are following a path that is healthy and will allow them to live a grounded, meaningful and intentional life. 

Jalynn uses her diverse skillset in experiential program development to help guide schools through their individualized process of building intentional, customized experiential programming that aligns with their own vision and strategic plan. She actively consults with schools on program development, risk management and scope and sequence planning both nationally and internationally. She has a B.Ed. and is a Certified Applied Positive Psychology practitioner through the Flourishing Center. The knowledge she gained through this Certification not only allowed her to enrich her own life, but has allowed her to expand the workshops that ALIVE offers and deepen her facilitation skills.

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