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Philanthropic Consulting

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

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We have a unique consulting approach when it comes to fundraising. We have a deep understanding of philanthropy, combined with relevant international experience. We approach fundraising in an authentic manner and make it simple for your organization to succeed.

We collaborate closely with associates and advisors who have a wealth of knowledge and who are specialized in a particular area of fundraising. We will assemble the right team of experienced professionals to address your organization’s needs. Our associates are industry expects in fundraising, communications, leadership development and board governance. We can help you reach your fundraising goals by providing you with advice that is customized and strategic for your organization.

We work with clients all over the world. We pride ourselves in building authentic and lifelong relationships with individuals and organizations that we have worked with. Our associates have spent a significant amount of time abroad supporting and developing a strong culture of philanthropy with their international constituents.  

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How Can We Help?

Is your organization thinking of launching a fundraising campaign?

Has your annual fund leveled off, and are you trying to find ways to increase your donation revenue?

Are you new to fundraising and need some support?

Is major gift fundraising an area of philanthropy that your organization needs assistance with?

Is planned giving something your organization would like to focus on more?

Does your Board of Directors need clarity on governance related matters?

Do your staff require additional training or coaching?

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If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, please call us for a FREE 60 minute consult. We can help. We can provide you with the level of fundraising support required to be effective and successful.

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What We Offer

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

As part of our strategic planning process, we will facilitate a self-assessment reflection with your Board and the Senior Leadership team. Depending on the size of the organization, involving other key constituents can be beneficial. The purpose of the self-assessment is to gain a better understanding of your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and resources. Using the data collected from the self-assessment, we can work with your organization to create an effective strategic plan that supports your mission and values and helps you reach your goals. The key for us is developing a strategic plan that is useful and does not sit on a shelf. We want to invigorate your organization and give it focus and a clear roadmap for success.

Fundraising Review

We will review your operation, fundraising team and volunteers and make specific recommendations that will allow you to be more effective with your fundraising efforts. We believe that if an organization is committed and open to the review process, our professional recommendations will provide you with clarity and allow you to fine tune areas that require improvements. Most importantly, our recommendations will allow you to enhance and build on your strengths. From our experience, fundraising reviews are a great opportunity to determine if you have the right staff in key roles and doing the right things. We know that having an effective organizational structure will optimize fundraising results. We will also look at your organization’s resources and recommend if additional resources are required. Most fundraising departments will indicate that they need more resources, but we know that more resources alone is not the solution. Deploying additional resources to the right areas of the operations will bring you greater success. We can objectively identify those areas for your organization.

Team Meeting
Business Conference

Capital Campaign Planning

We will work with you to create a comprehensive Capital campaign plan, from start to finish. We know what is involved in creating a successful campaign plan and executing it. We will ensure that your organization has all the building blocks in place before launching. Rudy describes the process as being similar to preparing for a climbing expedition. A comprehensive campaign is akin to a long journey, and the more prepared you are, the better off your organization will be to deal with setbacks and successes along the way.

Campaign Counsel

We can provide counsel during the Capital campaign. We believe in the value of having an objective and experienced consulting firm providing advice and support through the different phases of the campaign. We understand that campaigns are often comprised of numerous steps and require time and patience. We will work to support you and your organization from basecamp to the summit. We see Capital campaigns as a journey.

Work Meeting

Coaching, Mentoring and Advising

We can provide support to seasoned or newly appointed executives who embrace continual learning and welcome additional leadership and fundraising support. We can also provide training to staff, Boards and volunteers who need help with engagement and solicitation strategies. We will share some of our tips and tools required to feel comfortable when asking a donor for their support.

Major Gifts Fundraising

A successful major gift fundraising campaign will allow your organization to move to a different level and allow you to deliver more services and supports to your clients. Recognizing that approximately 80% of all gifts come from roughly 5% of your supporters, a focused major gifts plan is critical. We will work with you and share the secrets of major gift fundraising. We know what it takes to cultivate a relationship and secure a major gift.

Are you interested in learning more about our services? 

Did you find all the services you were looking for?

Contact us today for a free 60 minute consultation and find out how we can help advance you today!

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