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Organizational Affiliates

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As part of our unique delivery model, we are proud to unite forces with several successful organizations who are industry leaders in those same areas of engagement in which we offer solutions. In order to live up to our promise of providing you with the most tailored services possible, we offer the advantage of collaborating with these organizations, who each bring with them a distinct style and wealth of experience in philanthropic, leadership and educational consulting.

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ALIVE Outdoors is a Toronto based experiential education organization that has been working with Ontario and International Schools to engage students in meaningful outdoor, international and city-based character development programming for the last 20 years. We aim to empower participants to recognize and embrace their inner potential, helping people build enriching, respectful relationships with themselves, others and the environment in our local/global communities.

Specialists in the Following Services:

  • Experiential Program Design and Development

  • Program Scope and Sequence Design

  • Service and International Learning Experiences

  • Risk Management Audit and Enterprise Risk Management Services

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Stay tune as we continue to grow our industry partnerships and offer combined services from more organizational affiliates! 

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