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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

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We love working with students, families, educators and schools. We work closely with students and their families to collaboratively create an educational plan for their continued academic success. We are passionate about helping schools and educators, with an eye on enhancing their vision and mission. We can provide your school with a comprehensive review of your operation, as well as assisting with the educational accreditation process.

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Explore Our Educational Services

Whether you are an educational leader, part of the senior leadership team, or you are a student and family, we will provide tailored educational consulting services to fit your needs.

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Educational Leaders

Educational Institutions

Students & Families

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Rudy Massimo in Wenchang, China speaking to students in a school as part of an international outreach program.

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Educational Leaders

We work with trustees, educational leaders including Heads of School and their leadership team to help identify and address challenges. If your organization is serious about diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging, we can provide effective programs for your students and staff. Our team will work collaboratively with you to create processes and sustainable strategies to enhance and optimize the educational experience that your organization and team wishes to provide to its students.


Educational Mentoring and Advising

We provide educational mentoring and advising to educators and leaders to enhance their effectiveness. We offer skills training and workshops to support educators in their leadership, communication and instructional skills.

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Team Assessments and Reviews

We provide comprehensive assessments and reviews of current and future educational teams. We can assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses within your team, and help ensure each team member is in a role which is complementary to their skills and knowledge.


Experiential Educational Opportunities

We can help develop suitable experiential and travel-based learning opportunities for students. We believe that learning is not 'one-size-fits-all' and that individuals often learn best when they are experiencing the world and exploring what it has to offer. We can create a customized experiential itinerary that combines travel, culture, outdoor education, and commmunity-based service opportunities.

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Benjamin Franklin

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

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Educational Institutions

We are fully resourced and ready to support your educational institution in creating a learning environment which aligns fully with your school's mission and values. We bring with us years of experience working both with and in schools around the world, and have formed a strong network full of industry experts to help your organization thrive.


Independent School Start-Up Guidance

We can assist you in formulating a business plan for the development of new independent schools. We can create tailored market-feasibility studies for your project and assist you in designing a strategic plan that will successfully bring to life the learning environment you always envisioned. Whether you'd like to develop a strategic plan for a new school, or are wishing to enhance your current mission - look no further. At Rudy Massimo & Associates, we will formulate a sustainable plan for your organization that goes above and beyond all of your expectations.

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Board Governance Mentorship and Advising

We will work with your Board and support your Chair, Trustees and Senior Executives in growing their leadership and improving their effectiveness. We will work together to establish a Board that is sharp and impactful. We can provide Board retreats and workshops catered to improve the cohesiveness and functioning of your Board. At Rudy Massimo & Associates, we believe in creating complete alignment and transparency from top to bottom within an organization and that starts with your Board.

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Strategic Planning and Assessments

We will facilitate a self-assessment reflection with your Board and the Senior Leadership team. Depending on the size and scope of your school, involving other key constituents can be beneficial. The purpose of the self-assessment is to gain a better understanding of your school's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and resources. Using the data collected from the self-assessment, we can work with your school to create an effective strategic plan that supports your mission and values and helps you reach your educational goals. The key for us is developing a strategic plan that is useful and does not sit on a shelf. We want to invigorate your school and give it focus and a clear roadmap for success.

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Students & Families

We are ready and excited to support students and their families in developing a tailored educational plan that meets their educational philosophy and values. We have an intimate knowledge of schools, both international and domestic and can help guide students through the admissions process.

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Admissions Process (K-12 & Post-Secondary)

We will help navigate you and your child through the admissions processes which often accompany the enrollment at many educational institutions. We understand that the admissions process can be complex and at times - intimidating. We will guide you through the steps involved and help you achieve a smooth transition; whether that's into a new independent school or admittance into the post-secondary program of your dreams. We will work to prepare you for the necessary admissions interviews and educational assessments. Our associates have many close colleagues who are currently acting as or who have acted previously as admissions directors at schools all over the world.

Helping Students and Families

Our educational consultants are experienced professionals who understand international education. We are familiar with day and boarding school options around the world and the diverse number of programs they offer.  We will assist families seeking the best educational environment for their children. We recognize that although schools may offer similar programs, our goal is to ensure that one school becomes the educational fit for all of the students we work with.

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"I first met Rudy when he visited Junyi School of Innovation, Taitung, Taiwan.  He spent every minute engaging with our faculty, boarding staff and students and quickly gained an understanding of what we were aiming to achieve at our school. Immediately following his visit, Rudy released a detailed set of documents with thoughts and suggestions on how to improve and expand our teacher recruitment, student mentoring, admissions processes and boarding provision. A lot of those were implemented and are reflected in our current admissions/student recruitment program as well as in our upgraded boarding facilities - including an independent, senior boarding section. Over the years, Rudy has continued to keep contact with our school and is always ready with support or advice on LinkedIn or directly vie email. I consider him a true mentor and a valuable friend of Junyi."

Anthony Cluver, Vice Principal (International), Junyi School of Innovation

"For me, what I value most and can always count on from a presentation or workshop from Rudy, are the conversations and connections that students will continue to make and relate to well after our time with him. Through his stories about the adventures he has lead, he provides an accessibility to learning about leadership that all students can relate to. I think the greatest take-away that I hear most often from students is they feel inspired to push themselves, to not fear challenges or set backs; and instead discover that any experience can have value depending on your mindset, and to be excited to learn more about their own leadership styles and individual gifts.  As an educator, I am always grateful for the time that any of my students spend learning with Rudy."

Peter O'Grady, Director of Student Leadership, Lakefield College School

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