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Who We Are

Rudy Massimo & Associates is an international consulting firm dedicated to the enhancement of personal and organizational effectiveness. The three main areas that we specialize in include: leadership development, philanthropy, and educational services

Our unique, forward-thinking approach allows us to access consulting resources from all over the world and provide you the most dynamic services possible. We partner and collaborate with leading industry experts, as well as complementary consulting, and leadership development firms with abundant knowledge and the experience necessary to guide you and your organization to success. We are committed to bringing together the most suitable and qualified team to each project and our focus remains on developing individually tailored plans that create sustainable change. Being able to draw on a diverse group of associates allows to us to address some of the most complex challenges that many organizations may face. 

In addition to our associate team members, we have also partnered with several organizations who are recognized as industry leaders in those same areas of consulting that we provide services in. In an effort to live up to our dynamic and multilateral consulting approach, we believe that to provide the best services, we needed the best teams. We have collaborated with these organizations because we confidently stand behind the services we know they will provide, but also behind the exceptional work that we know we can provide as a united front.

As is the case for many things in life, we at Rudy Massimo & Associates truly appreciate that growth and innovation within an organization and team are not achieved through a one-size-fits-all process. We understand that the values and measures of success will differ greatly between organizations. We are humbled to not only provide services through the dynamic collaborative efforts of our associates and affiliates, but to have the support and council of a diverse group of industry advisors, who they themselves are leaders in. 

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Meet Rudy

President and Founder


Rudy has made his mark as an industry leader in philanthropy (fundraising), leadership development and educational consulting. Rudy has an innate ability to revitalize an organization's foundational leadership and foster lasting relationships both internally and externally. Rudy can help transform and diversify your team; build on existing competencies and develop a sustainable plan for growth. In his former roles as Chief Advancement Officer, Director of Advancement, and Head of External Relations, Rudy has facilitated more than $100 million in Major Gifts. Currently, Rudy is Chair of the Principal Gifts Cabinet for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in their '$100 million Campaign to Accelerate', their largest fundraising initiative to date. 


Who We Are: About


Who We Are: Team Members

Barry Forward, B.A., C.E.C.

Executive Career and Leadership Coach

Organizational Affiliates

Who We Are: Team Members

ALIVE Outdoors - Jalynn Bosley, Founder and Executive Director

Industry Leader in Experiential Leadership Development


Who We Are: Team Members

Jacob Rodenburg, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Outdoor and Experiential Education Advisor

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