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Barry Forward, B.A., C.E.C.

Executive Career and Leadership Coach

Barry Forward is the president of Reboot Forward, an independent executive career and leadership coaching firm. Barry has been providing coaching, advising and consulting services for 18 years in a vast array of industry sectors. In addition, Barry has served as a School Trustee in the North Vancouver School District, bringing his own educational experiences and knowledge with him. As a Certified Executive Coach, Barry can assist with career management and leadership, resource and network optimization, personal and professional branding - any and all other elements necessary to conduct effective career marketing and growth. Barry works one-on-one with professionals, management, executives and entrepreneurs who which to propel their careers and organizations forward in order to maximize their potential.

Barry Forward: About

Barry's Story

After graduating from university, Barry turned his experience from working at two campus radio stations into a career in broadcasting, where he spent many years reporting and being a news anchor. His experience in broadcasting led him to a communication and marketing executive role with a public relation firm. Over time, he rose up through the ranks and found himself as a senior PR executive working on the business and serving as a rain maker for the company; responsible for managing a team and landing clients to keep the business fed and alive.  

As an independent business consultant, Barry has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and tech start-ups – helping them launch new business concepts and raise capital. He understands the mindset that is needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

About ten years ago, Barry took his experience working in broadcasting, communication and marketing and decided to focus his skills where he felt he could have the greatest impact. Now a decade in as an executive coach/leadership trainer, he is working with leaders with big visions, big ambition, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place. Barry is passionate about his work and wants to make a difference.

Outside of his work, Barry continues to find time to volunteer in his community, as well as working with an NGO in Central America. Early in his career, Barry was able to spend a year living in a poor barrio outside a large Central American capital city. He found himself learning a new language on the fly, uprooted from his cultural safety net, transported to a climate significantly hotter and more humid than he had ever been exposed to, and meeting and getting to know people completely outside of his social bubble. It tore open his phenomenological view of the world and offered him an introduction to life outside of Canada. Barry wishes he had more time to give to the charities and causes he is passionate about.

We are delighted to be collaborating with him. His servant leadership approach is aligned with our corporate values.

Barry Forward: About
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